To Be Considered A Professional, You Must Dress Like One

Insurance School Class 1968
Insurance School Class

“Dress to impress’’ is one of the decrees of a successful business career. Men enrolled in the School of Business during its early years, were required to wear a white dress shirt, a tie, and a jacket to their classes. That ended on March 10, 1964 when Dean Robert O. Harvey announced that a consensus of faculty opinion was that while that attire was desirable, it was no longer mandatory.

While students today dress more casually for class, formal business attire is still part of their wardrobe from their early days on campus. At the beginning of each  fall semester, business students network with alumni and develop a host of business acumen.

“From their earliest days at UConn, we teach students how to look someone in the eye, offer a firm handshake and to present themselves as professionals,’’ said Fran Graham, manager of the Office of Alumni Relations. “First impressions are very important in business and it is our goal to make our students as well-prepared for the future as we possibly can.’’